Rift Rush

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Rift Rush is being developed to capitalize on exactly what the Rift offers gamers and nothing else.It comes in three flavors, one of which (Endless Rush) is available in the demo version of the game.In Endless Rush, you grow more powerful as the game grows more difficult. In between levels, you're given the opportunity to spend your earnings (granted from in-level pickups and end-of-level time bonus) on mobility powers (speedup, jump height, extra jumps, and so on). See how far you can go!Story Mode is a structured, more puzzle-y game. Story Mode has a story somewhere in between a Mario game and Virtue's Last Reward. (That is to say -- it has a story.) More importantly, though, Story Mode is about crafting a plan to complete the level, selecting the right powers for the job, and executing well.Multirush is a multiplayer mode where you and your friends (or enemies!) race through a level to be the first to the finish line. Try not to get too violent when your friend smashes you off-course mid-jump to the finish. Your Rift Kit is expensive, and hard to replace in a timely fashion.скачать dle 10.4 UTF-8Forex для начинающих
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Версия: 0.5d
Only for Windows for now! (XP or better)DirectX 9.0c or better capable video cardA thirst for adventureA keyboard/mouse combo or controller
Only for Windows for now! (XP or better)DirectX 9.0c or better capable video cardAn interminable thirst for adventureA wired XBOX 360 controller (or other USB controller)An Oculus Rift, Dev Kit or Otherwise
Run the Oculus Config utility first! (You don't have to, but you should.)Run the installer, run the game.Connect the Rift before starting Rift Rush. Press F9 or Alt-Enter to go full-screen. (If you start RR before connecting your Rift, you may experience screen-tearing in full-screen.)
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