Alone in the Rift

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This is a horror game demo made by me with Unity to showcase the wonderful combination of the immersive Oculus Rift VR Headset, the Razer Hydra as a fitting input device and a spooky forest scene. You walk around a dark forest with a flashlight in your hands, which can be controlled through the Razer Hydra controller. Your goal is a shed at the end of your walk.
Playing this with headphones on is highly recommended!
Controls in general:
"F" on your keyboard or "Y"-button on your gamepad or "1"-button on your right hydra controller to toggle your flashlight.
"B" on your keyboard or "D-Pad down"-button on your gamepad or "4"-button on your right hydra controller to recenter your view.
F10 to toggle the OVR Overlay menu (fps, ipd etc).
Escape and then Enter to exit the game.
Control Scheme "Sitting":
The good ol' standard. Use your mouse/gamepad joystick/hydra joystick to turn around.
Control Scheme "Standing":
Don't trip over tree roots. You'll walk in the direction you're looking in.
Control Scheme "Alternative Hydra":
Happy to try out new things? Then choose this mode! Stick your left hydra controller into your shirt and pick up your right hydra controller. You'll walk in the direction your body is facing, while still being able to freely look around.
(Be sure to press the "Start"-button after you've attached the left controller to your chest.)скачать dle 10.4 UTF-8Forex для начинающих
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Версия: 1.00
Basic Setup: Before starting the game demo, place the Razer Hydra base in front of you (with the cables facing away from you). Also make sure that the Rift is facing the same direction as you sit in. Now start up the game. Follow the advice on the screen, when it tells you to press the trigger. Make sure you are pressing the controllers' trigger in the correct order. If your hands don't move, press the start button on each of the controllers to enable hand movement. Now you're good to go.
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